Trendy On A Budget

Looking good shouldn't cost that much!

Bomber Jacket

eShakti_Gap_Loft_7 For All Mankind_Saks Off 5th_coverDoesn’t it drive you crazy that women’s clothing sizes can differ tremendously between brands? I think the guys got one over us with their consistent sizing. Measurements as sizing? Sounds pretty simple to me. So online shopping is always a bit of a gamble. To hedge my bets, I always order one item in a few sizes, just to be sure. But then it’s a pain in the rear having to return the ones that didn’t fit quite right. To pile on to that, some places charge for shipping. Simply the worst. I was recently introduced to eShakti, a women’s online clothing company that specializes in customization without breaking the bank.  I was intrigued.
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Sweater or Blazer?

Prada_Etsy_Gap_Banana Republic_JCrew_Gap_Arturo Chiang_coverThis might sound really trivial to you, but keep in mind that I am in business professional clothing 5 days a week. I get SUPER excited when the department declares a ‘Jeans Day’ in the office! I know, silly right? But any chance I can incorporate some of my off duty wardrobe into the work week is a win for me. Even though I get this so-called freebie, I still need to play by the dress code policy.
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Trendy On A Budget + Shake The Tree


Kick of the week by joining me at Shake the Tree (No. End) Monday, October 6th from 6-8PM to ring in the Fall season! 

Sip on autumn sangria; snack on healthy apps provided by Food & Figure; and indulge in a little shopping (20% discount on one item)! Unwind with a complimentary massage by Bodywaves Boston and catch up with other attendees!

Please RSVP to

Hope to see you all there!


Love Your Look!

The ‘Love This Look’ series features looks on other people that catches my attention while out and about. For the month of April, I’d like to switch things up a bit. Once each week, to show my appreciation of your love & support of Trendy On A Budget, I’d love to feature fans of the blog as part of the ‘Love This Look‘ series!


 Send me an email ( with the following:

1) One or two shots of your budget-conscious outfit! Please limit use of filters on photos as I’d love for the true colors of your outfit to show.

2) Provide the following information:

Name: [first name & last initial]
Age: [Twenty-something, thirty-something-no need to be specific!]
Spotted: [where were you when you wore the outfit? what were you doing?]
Resident of: [city, state] optional
Occupation: [a general title or description is fine, no need to disclose company name]
Outfit Details: Please list out each item worn and include the brand/where purchased from and price. If you do not recall, provide a guess-timate. Or, say you don’t know or if it’s a gift, that’s cool too!
3) Social Media handles (optional) so I can tag you, if your outfit is selected for posting.
Feel free to reach out to me with any questions. Looking forward to seeing your outfits!
*note: one look will be selected & posted each week in October (total of 4 looks)

Knitted & Textured

Oliver Peoples_HM_Gap_PaigeDenim_Tory Burch_B.Atwood_coverWhen I saw this sweater online, I made a mental  note to seek it out the next time I was at H&M (the grand re-opening at 100 Newbury Street). Once I spotted it, I made a beeline for the rack where this beauty was waiting for me. I quickly threw one on in my size and made my mind right then and there that it was coming home with me (seriously, you can ask Mo). I was in love. However, when I finally broke it on a very cool Saturday, the fiance was not impressed. He even joked that he would not photograph me in it because he did not like it. He said it reminded him of the Ninja Turtles. I guess I can kind of see the correlation: the green, the bubble texture, the ribbed sections. I grew up watching and loving the Ninja Turtles, so I took this as a compliment!
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