Trendy On A Budget

Looking good shouldn't cost that much!

Happily Gray

Old Navy_Blank NYC_Keds_cover

I guess I have a thing for gray sweaters, as this makes #3 in the string of purchases I have made over the past month-ish. I can’t help myself. Gray is such an easy color to work with. It’s the perfect partner to any color and pairs well with any print. I opted to go with the latter, layering this cozy sweater with a plaid flannel to combat the brisk cold air. I threw on my, wait for it…..GRAY Keds and off we went to a Friendsgiving celebration. The only regret I had about this particular outfit was the lack of an elastic waist. I ate way too much and nearly had to unbutton my jeans. I know, so lady like.
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What’s In My Closet

Alexander McQueen_Banana Republic_Forever21_cover

Not sure if I mentioned, but Dan and I closed on our house in September! We are undergoing major renovations and will move sometime in April BECAUSE I will be going to India in January for 3 months (for work). I know. Crazy, right? So between construction, the holidays and packing for India before stowing away all of my warm-weather wardrobe, I need to start packing up my belongs for the big move. First stop: my closet.
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Cable Knit & Leather


I seriously need a vacation to recover from my vacation. Does anyone else ever feel like that? The task of unpacking three suitcases, doing a bazillion loads of laundry and clearing out 450+ work emails was exhausting. I felt like I was running on fumes from the lack of sleep thanks to Mr. jetlag. I am slowly getting back into the swing of things, including giving this blog some TLC.
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Four Eyes


I’ve been wearing glasses since the second grade. I was super excited then to go pick out my very first pair. I had an older cousin who had the coolest rose-tinted glasses. She was my idol so I was insistent on picking out a pair exactly like that. As I entered middle school, glasses were SO not cool. Naturally, I begged my parents for contacts. But it wasn’t until college when glasses were cool again. The problem is, glasses were and still are quite expensive. It was always a treat when my parents would agree to pay for a pair as a bday / Christmas gift. And since I am blind as a bat, I always opt for high index lens, setting me back at least $300 a pops. Needless to say, accessorizing with glasses was not really an option (says bank account).
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WestwardLeaning_Banana Republic_Gap_cover

I recently did a major closet purge, sending pieces to the consignment shop or goodwill. I took inventory of what was left hanging in my closet and realized that I have amassed quite a collection of button down tops. There’s something so easy and chic about throwing on a crisp button down paired with skinnies and pumps. The latest addition to feed my addiction is this oversized top, borrowed from the boys. Not only did the pinstripe panels catch my attention but the pockets led my finger to quickly click the ‘add to bag’ button. Let’s face it, pockets make everything that much cooler.
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