Trendy On A Budget

Looking good shouldn't cost that much!

Perfectly Distressed

Pretty Reckless_C&C_ CWonder_Tractr_Dolce Vita_cover

I felt like Goldilocks in my search for the the perfect pair of distressed denim. First pair: perfect fit, but not distressed enough. Second pair: perfect fit but so distressed I didn’t feel like I was wearing anything. Alas, a pair that fit like a glove with a balanced amount of distress.

Where did I find my perfect pair, you ask? At Pretty Reckless, right in my Southie neighborhood. Last week I hosted an event at the boutique. I had the opportunity to shop with the few event-goes who weathered the crazy snow and wind to join me. Once we made our selections, a mini-fashion show ensued in the fitting rooms (duh!). When I stepped out in the pair, the oohs & ahhs I got from the ladies assured me I had found the one. And the stretch in the jeans was icing on the cake!
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Little Black (Quilted) Dress Part. 2

Rosie Neira_Thyme Clothing_French Connection_Simply Vera Vera Wang_Charles by Charles David_cover

I love my LBQD, but wouldn’t it also be great as a skirt? Sadly, I have no sewing skills to make that a reality. As I scanned my closet, feeling like I have nothing to wear (and this happens often), I had a light bulb moment: I can own a quilted skirt. Best part is, I don’t have to cut anything, shell out any mula or spend endless amounts of time searching for the perfect LBS (aka. little black skirt).
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Little Black (Quilted) Dress Part. 1

Loft_Shake The Tree_The Limited_Banana Republic_cover

The little black dress is a key staple that every working girl must have in her wardrobe. And in my case, it’s the LBQD. First off, a dress takes the guess work out of putting an outfit together. No need to figure out which skirt or pant to pair with which top. With a dress, you are more than halfway there. The rest is just finishing touches. Over the next three Work It Wednesday posts, I will show you how I styled one dress three ways. All of which are totally appropriate for the office. Let’s kick things off with a look that is perfect for those boardroom meetings.
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Coffee Straight Up

Forever21_Banana Republic_Bauble Bar_cover

It’s a must every morning: Coffee. Straight Up. I’m a bit of a coffee junkie and am not fully awake until I have my first cup. Trust me, no one wants to deal with me until I get that first sip. This actually was the perfect shirt to wear on my long overdue brunch date with Kerri (Rarely Taken Seriously). As we were seated, the bar tender asked us what we wanted to drink. Seeing my tee, he wasn’t surprised that I asked for a cup o’ joe. So over our cups of coffee and eggs benedict (#twinning), we chatted away covering topics from blogging, events, wedding, the holidays; the list went on! About an hour and a half later, we parted ways, and it was back into the snowy world we went! Did I mention I am so over the snow??
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