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From Cubicle to Cocktails

Gap_Marc by Marc Jacoba_Banana Republic_cocktails_cover

Now that summer is finally in full swing, my after-work social calendar is ramping up. And by ramping up, I mean going from zero to one 😉 This translates to spending a few extra minutes in the AM carefully planning my outfit that will take me from cubicle to cocktail hour. So on top of making sure I don’t sweat to death going to and from work or freezing in my cube, I don’t want to look like I came straight from the office.

Dresses are definitely my go to during these warm weather days. And by know, you know I am a fit and flare type of gal. So when this dress came up during one of my online shopping escapades, it was a must have: the print, the colors and the silhouette are perfection. For the work portion of the day, I paired the dress with this embellished cardi (for warmth) to highlight the yellow hue that subtly pops up in the paint strokes. I tend to belt my cardis to cinch the waist as to not lose the ‘fit’ part of the dress. Once that clock strikes five, I ditched them both to shed that cube look.
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Jersey Girl

Bauble Bar_H&M_Steven Madden_cover

I hope you don’t think any less of me from what I am about to tell you next. It’s true, I do like the movie Jersey Girl. I’m a sucker for Rom-Com and the little girl in the movie was adorable. But to set the record straight, I was not on team Bennifer. So aside from the movie, I am an even bigger fan of jersey dresses. Theses summer days are getting hotter and stickier and what’s easier than throwing on a lightweight jersey dress? I would stick them in the ‘one piece wonder‘ category. However, unlike it’s bretheren, the romper, I don’t have to get half naked just to use the little girls room. That is a MAJOR plus in my book. Oh, and the price on this number makes it a must have!
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WestWard Leaning_Gap_Mansur Gavriel_Loft_Circus_cover

I love scallops both in food form and as hemmed edges. This summer scallop edges are showing up everywhere: on dresses, bags, swimsuits, shoes, shorts…..the list goes on! Who knew that adding a simple edge could instantly soften any look, making everything a little more feminine and flirty. I too have dipped my toe in the scallop-edged pond. How do you scallop?
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Target_Marine Layer_Gao_Mansur Gavriel_Mia_cover

When visiting another city/country, I love finding shops and boutiques that I can’t find at home. It’s a great way to justify shopping while on vacation, especially if the sales tax is higher than home: But Dan, I won’t be able to find this in Boston! While strolling through Hayes Valley in San Francisco, I walked by a store that boasted of absurdly soft shirts. I was intrigued. So of course, I made Dan and our tour guide (bossman behind broquet, Max) stop in with me.
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One Piece Wonder

WeswardLeaning_Loft_Enzo Anglioni_cover

The romper truly is a one piece wonder. Throw one on and voila! An outfit. Minimal thinking required. Does this top match? Can I wear these shorts with this top? None of that! Just throw on a few pieces of jewelry and a pair of shoes and you are good to go. When I was packing for Cali, this little number made it’s way into my suitcase. So on one sunny day as Dan and I shopped our way up and down Melrose Ave, this was my go to #OOTD.
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