Trendy On A Budget

Looking good shouldn't cost that much!

I’m a Bib-liever

banana republic_arturo chiangHere’s an oldie, but goodie! This dress was purchased last year from Banana Republic on sale, of course. The simple silhouette and muted color combination of stripes has allowed this dress to weather trends and fads and will definitely have a long life span in my work wardrobe. The focus of today’s post isn’t really about the dress. As you may have seen in previous posts, the pieces I wear are not always new and may have been purchased in past seasons or even years. Let’s be honest, who can really afford to constantly buy new clothes?!

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Orange You Glad to See Me?

aqua_jcrew 1I’ve always had an aversion to the color orange. I was never really into it nor did I think it was really a color for me. But over the years, orange has found its way into the fashion world and become the must have color each season. It’s almost like orange is the new black. I decided to introduce orange into my wardrobe in small increments; buying orange accessories, working the color into prints and finally slipping into full on orange outfits. Moral of the story. Give color a chance!

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Fluorescent Florals

warby parker_kate spade_INC_arturo chiangA splash of neon and a dose of floral; two current trends coming together in one top. How could I not own it? Once purchased, I immediately thought of the number of ways this blouse could be worn. I love items with versatility, since it decreases the cost per wear, thereby stretching every dollar! A dinner date my with fiance? Black skinny jeans and pumps-definitely. Brunch with the ladies? A pleated skirt and flats – perfect!

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Jersey in Jerusalem

banana republic outlet_bauble barOne of my favorite items this summer are all things maxi; dress and skirt. The fit and ease of one makes it a go-to staple for the summer. Not to mention its versatility; it can easily be dressed up or kept casual, based on how you accessorize. Naturally, I had to pack my black jersey maxi for the trip to the land of milk and honey. The best part about this dress is that even though it was squished in my luggage, it did not wrinkle one bit!

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