Trendy On A Budget

Looking good shouldn't cost that much!

Going Tribal

ann taylor_arturo chiangI am always on the hunt for a good skirt; they are hard to come by! On my recent pilgrimage to the Wrentham Premium Outlets with my shopping partners Jenna (@1jmack) and Kate, we made a pit stop at Ann Taylor. I occasionally stop in to check out their stock of work clothes and find that it’s a bit of a hit or miss. I did my usual lap around the store and out of the corner of my eye, I noticed a colorful printed piece. I quickly grabbed the multi-colored tribal print skirt and scurried off to the fitting room. To my excitement, it was a perfectly fitted pencil skirt. The best part was the savings I got!

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Elephant Trunks

banana republic milly collection 1When I got a glimpse of the Banana Republic Milly Collection look book, I immediately became obsessed with the elephant print shorts. So I marked my calendar for the Boston launch event to make sure that I would get my hands on a pair. I arrived about an hour after the launch party started, did a quick lap through the store and could not find a pair in my size. I hunted down the only sales person on the floor and enlisted his help. To my dismay, he said there were none left in my size. Apparently, these shorts were really popular and were  selling like hotcakes. I proceeded to drown my sorrows in the complimentary pink lemonade and mini desserts.

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Black and White

aqua_blochI love the way black and white works together, especially when in a pattern. So on this particular warm work day, I opted for a simple lightweight dress. Keeping with the simplicity of the black and white lines, I chose to go with solid black flats and bag. As you know, I love color and had to find a way sneak it into my outfit. Easiest way to add some color and texture to any outfit is a statement necklace. Lucky for me, my newest Bauble Bar necklace had arrived the previous day and I had to wear it. Hot pink and crystals, sign me up! Lastly, had to protect my pretty little peepers with my Warby Parker sunnies.

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Happy Dots

gap_uniqloLast night, I headed to the burb’s for a small gathering to celebrate my dad’s 60th birthday. With little time to get ready when I got home from work, I needed a quick outfit change. Since the gathering was somewhat casual, I threw on a tank, pair of jeans and my go to summer flats. Decided to mix it up with some polka dots and stripes. Lastly, I grabbed the newest additions to my arm candy family because I never leave home without something on my wrists. Right before entering the restaurant, I made my photographer (my poor fiance) snap a few photos of my outfit. Luckily my skinny jeans have super stretch in them because I stuffed myself silly that night with some good Vietnamese cuisine.

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