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Looking good shouldn't cost that much!



A wardrobe fave of mine during the warm weather months are t-shirt dresses. I mean, what’s easier than throwing on basically an oversized t-shirt? I’d almost want to say a romper, but then there’s the whole disrobing oneself to use the ladies room. And because of that, the t-shirt dress emerges victoriously! Solid color t-shirt dresses are like blank canvases – you can dress it however you want. I took this number from day to night by swapping in and out a few key items (read on for details). 

This t-shirt dress is a souvenir from my most recent trip to Amelia Island. It’s an item that I bought out of state. That qualifies as a souvenir, right? In that case, my purse is a souvenir from Sri Lanka! Fine, fine. This is my own twisted way of justifying these purchases. Anyhoot, I’ve not only linked to this exact dress (the store ships!), I also linked to a few other fave t-shirt dresses out there.

Outfit Details:

Sunglasses: Ray-Ban (Gatsby Round), $150.

Necklace: c/o Rachael Ryen. Use code “SPRING” at checkout and save 40% on her site!

Knotted Up T-Shirt Dress: Colie’s (Amelia Island), $36.99.

Purse: Charles & Keith, old. Check out their website and peruse their affordable selection of blush colored bags.

Sandals: c/o M.Gemi (old). Don’t forget, use code “linda201” (lowercase L) to save $40 off your first purchase! Here’s a dupe from Topshop (via Nordstrom) for $35. AND it comes in 4 other colors.


RayBan_Colie's_t-shirt dress_side


Colie's_Charles and Keith


Evening Look: (1) Faux Leather Biker Jacket: Topshop via Nordstrom, $60; (2) Saint Laurent Kate Monogram Bag (old bday gift); and (3) Slip-On Sneakers c/o M.Gemi (cerchio).

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