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Hot Red Pepper


Loft_Bauble Bar_Gap_Rebecca Minkoff_Nine West

Guys. Big news. The department I work for has officially declared every Friday, Jeans Day! Every now and then, I have written a Work It Wednesday post where I don a pair of jeans for the office.  And every time, I am always as excited as the previous Jeans Day. So imagine how elated I was when this announcement came out. Now, I get to stretch my non-work clothes one extra day each week. But of course, this exception comes with some rules and regs. No ripped jeans, no sneakers, no crazy jean washes, etc, etc. Basically, one must still keep up a professional appearance.
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Zig Zag

Aqua_The Limited_Arturo Chiang_cover

When it comes to pulling an outfit together for the office, I am a fan the shirt dress. Just do up a row of buttons and voila! Inst-outfit. Throw on a pair of tights, heels and jewels and it’s out the door I go. And one can never go wrong with the classic black and white combo. Easy-peasy!
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Corporate Tidings

Gap_Loft_The Limited_Nicole Miller_Cover

The holiday season is in full swing, with plenty of parties all around. Next on the circuit is the firm-wide holiday party that is scheduled for tomorrow night. This means I need to pull together an outfit that will take me from cubicle to corporate party chic. With the party starting promptly at 5PM, that does not allow for any outfit changes. But even if there were time, that would totally be unnecessary, because let’s be real, it’s still work.
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Flannel x Work

Banana Republic_Loeffler Randall_coverI am a walking billboard for Banana Republic. As I started detailing the outfit for this post, I realized everything I am wearing (minus the bag and necklace) are all from BR! I must say, BR has been killing it lately with their style (thanks to the ever so talented Marissa Webb) and sales, making it a lot easier to justify the spending. In one of my recent trips, I couldn’t walk away from this super soft flannel shirt. So soft that I found myself petting the shirt as I walked around the store. When I shop, I try to find pieces that can be worn both at work and play. More bang for the buck; ya know what I mean? But does flannel really work in the office?
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What’s In My Closet?

Gap_JCrew_The Limited_Anthropologie_coverThere’s nothing new to showcase in this post. Instead, I decided to work with what I already have. There are plenty of pieces in my closet that I would categorize as an ‘oldie but goodie.’ With each wear, I try to make it new again by mixing it with other pieces to create a different outfit. With the number of tops, pants and skirts, the combinations are endless. You just gotta let your creativity work and you might be surprised with what you come up with. It’s like shopping right from you closet, without dropping a penny. How much more budget-y can one get?
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