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From Cubicle to Cocktails

Gap_Marc by Marc Jacoba_Banana Republic_cocktails_cover

Now that summer is finally in full swing, my after-work social calendar is ramping up. And by ramping up, I mean going from zero to one 😉 This translates to spending a few extra minutes in the AM carefully planning my outfit that will take me from cubicle to cocktail hour. So on top of making sure I don’t sweat to death going to and from work or freezing in my cube, I don’t want to look like I came straight from the office.

Dresses are definitely my go to during these warm weather days. And by know, you know I am a fit and flare type of gal. So when this dress came up during one of my online shopping escapades, it was a must have: the print, the colors and the silhouette are perfection. For the work portion of the day, I paired the dress with this embellished cardi (for warmth) to highlight the yellow hue that subtly pops up in the paint strokes. I tend to belt my cardis to cinch the waist as to not lose the ‘fit’ part of the dress. Once that clock strikes five, I ditched them both to shed that cube look.
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The Office Twirl

Prada_Nic+Zoe_Banana Republic_cover

Oh hey dress, fancy seeing you again! In my most recent post, I gave this dress a casual make-under. Toned down the softness of this twirl dress with a denim vest, studded flats and a sloppy side braid. It was the perfect ‘run my errands’ kind of weekend outfit. And if you know me by now, you know that I love transforming pieces between work and play. It’s just a mental way for me to justify any purchase. Two (or more!) for the price of one.
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No More Tights

Westward Leaning_Loft_Kate Spade_Nine West_Cover

I am so over wearing black tights to work. It’s just May. Why am I still wearing tights?! In protest, I am wearing pants. Ok, less of a protest and more because I tore through my stash of black tights and they all are currently in the hamper. Which reminds me I have a lot of laundry to do. Any-who, between the color and fit, these are my fave pair of work pants (here, here). And you know how I feel about blending into a sea of corporate suits. I don’t!
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On Wednesdays We Wear Pink

Marshalls_Greylin_The Limited_Chanel_Banana Republic_cover

You ARE experiencing a case of deja vu because I have already worn this hot pink top. It’s true, I do wear things more than once. After the inaugural wear to a Boston Bloggers brunch, I started to think of ways I could remix/re-wear/reuse (call it what you will) this top. You know I am all about cost per wear. The more times I can wear an item, the better I feel about the money I spent. But could such a bright color work in the office?
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Prada_Massimo Dutti_Rebecca Minkoff_Gap_Coach_cover

Last hump day, I got on a plane and headed to Washington, DC for a conference. Low and behold, while there, it snowed! I can’t seem to escape it. But once the conference was over, the weather took a turn for the better. Talk about perfect timing because I had extended my stay through the weekend. I enjoyed the alone time; no husband and no dog (is that bad??). I explored Georgetown on my own, popping in and out of stores to my heart’s desire. As I strolled along Wisconsin Avenue, I stumbled upon Massimo Dutti. I was pretty excited to check it out, as my Parisienne friend had introduced me to the brand awhile back. The store was Ralph Lauren-esque with price points comparable to J.Crew. On top of that, the store was having a sale (yay!).
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