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Montreal, Oui Oui

myriade_mile end

Right before the close of 2017, Dan and I took a road trip with two of our friends over the border to Montreal. Of course, it was waaay colder up north than it was here in Boston. We were met each day with temps in the negatives but did see a high of ZERO. Needless to say, our outdoor activities were limited so we were bound to indoor activities, mainly, eating. But that was A-OK with me! Here are our dining highlights during our 36 hour stay.
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Charleston, SC – Part II

Charleston_Pink House_cover

Now that we got all the food out of way, let us move on to the places we visited and the things we did while in Charleston (including stopping in front of colorful homes for a photo opp!).
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Charleston, SC – Part 1



Picking up where I left off last in Savannah, we will now make our way to Charleston. The list of things I want to highlight is very long so I thought I’d start with the most important category: food. We ate our way through Charleston and here are our favorites and recommendations! Word to the wise – call ahead and make all your reservations. We made every one of our reservations a few weeks ahead of when we left. Even then, some of the reservations we got were pretty late in the evening.  [Pictured above: Xiao Bao Biscuit.]
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Down in Savannah

Savannah Homes

As you may have already seen through my Instagram account, Dan and I took a mini vacation down south. We hit up Savannah and Charleston, both of which had been on my list of places to visit. I feel like we covered so much ground in both places and I’ve decided to round up my absolute faves for ya. I’ll start with Savannah. If you have been, I’d be curious if you agree with my roundup and if you plan on going, I hope this is helpful. Ok, first thing’s first – food.
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Toronto Part II – Everything Else

Graffitti AlleyLet’s pick up where I left off in my first installment of our Toronto trip. Now that we’ve covered all the good eats, let’s talk about sites to see, things to do and places to shop! If you have a chance, swing by Graffiti Alley for some great photo ops in front of colorful street art!
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