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A Few Shades of Grey

eva franco_nine west_3Bright and bold colors aren’t the only way to create a statement-making outfit. Shades of grey and black can be just as impactful when mixed and matched in prints. The different widths and monochromatic shades of the horizontal and vertical stripes juxtaposed with the geometric print of this dress automatically elevates the look. The dress is an outfit in itself, with minimal effort on my part. Quite the time saver on any given work morning.
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Black and White

aqua_blochI love the way black and white works together, especially when in a pattern. So on this particular warm work day, I opted for a simple lightweight dress. Keeping with the simplicity of the black and white lines, I chose to go with solid black flats and bag. As you know, I love color and had to find a way sneak it into my outfit. Easiest way to add some color and texture to any outfit is a statement necklace. Lucky for me, my newest Bauble Bar necklace had arrived the previous day and I had to wear it. Hot pink and crystals, sign me up! Lastly, had to protect my pretty little peepers with my Warby Parker sunnies.

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Ruffles and Animal Print: Yes, Please!

macy's_tory burchI’m back on the dress wagon and to celebrate my return after my stint with pants last week, I decided to go with this bold dress. Although this dress might be considered a bit much for the work place (remember, I work in a pretty conservative industry) a good balancing act helps neutralize the lime green and purple animal print.

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