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Adult Onesie


I am a big fan of rompers. What’s not to love? Well, maybe there’s not so much to love when it’s potty break time, if ya know what I mean. But on the upside, it’s basically a grab-n-go outfit with very minimal thinking required. Literally a one-piece wonder. Recently, I decided to take one step further into the adult onesie world: a jumpsuit.
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Tee Time

Zacasha_Old Navy_Chemistry_MGemi_cover

In the words of Jessica Simpson: The real me is a Southern girl (ok, more like a North East girl) with her Levi’s on (fine,these are not Levi’s) and an open heart (truth!). And somewhere in that song, doesn’t she talk about wearing a tee shirt? What I’m trying to say is, as much as I love putting together outfits and dressing up, I feel my bestest in oversized tee’s and jeans. Comfort is a must these days with my weekends filled with hitting up every furniture known to man kind. Who knew furnishing a house was so exhausting: too many decisions #adulting.
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