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Adult Onesie


I am a big fan of rompers. What’s not to love? Well, maybe there’s not so much to love when it’s potty break time, if ya know what I mean. But on the upside, it’s basically a grab-n-go outfit with very minimal thinking required. Literally a one-piece wonder. Recently, I decided to take one step further into the adult onesie world: a jumpsuit.
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Tee Time

Zacasha_Old Navy_Chemistry_MGemi_cover

In the words of Jessica Simpson: The real me is a Southern girl (ok, more like a North East girl) with her Levi’s on (fine,these are not Levi’s) and an open heart (truth!). And somewhere in that song, doesn’t she talk about wearing a tee shirt? What I’m trying to say is, as much as I love putting together outfits and dressing up, I feel my bestest in oversized tee’s and jeans. Comfort is a must these days with my weekends filled with hitting up every furniture known to man kind. Who knew furnishing a house was so exhausting: too many decisions #adulting.
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Sunny Side Up

Westward Leaning_Olio_Old Navy_M.Gemi_cover

When traveling internationally, I always keep my eyes peeled for brands/designers/stores that are native to that location. So while I was in India, I would ask co-workers where they shop, brands they liked, designers they loved. I also did some research on my own by picking up fashion mags such as Vogue India. It actually was on my way back to the US that I discovered Olio.
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Tassels & Lavender

Westward Leaning_Zacasha_LA Made_James Jeans_cover

Last year, I did a post featuring one of my fave and comfiest tees. That particular outfit had two strikes against it in Dan’s eyes. 1) it was too loose ‘flowy’ and 2) ‘what’s the deal with the droopy pocket?’ He always referred to it as my drug-pocket tee. But really, what does one put in a silly little pocket like that? So when it was go-time to shoot this outfit, he rolled his eyes. Another drug pocket tee? Yes, Dan, yet another ‘too flowy’ top with a pocket that isn’t very useful. But what it lacks in functionality, it makes up in softness.  How pretty is this lavender hue?
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