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Feelin’ kinda dark

gapProbably after a few more posts, you will come to see that I have a slight obsession with anything skull and cross bone related. I don’t know what it is, but I just like the way it looks printed on clothing or incorporated into jewelry. Even thought it’s spring time and most people are sporting their neons and florals, I decided to go for a mostly black look.  Can’t go wrong with black, right?

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Mixed Media

free people_gap_tory burch_botkierReminiscing about my mini-vaca in FLA…….Sunny warm weather meant that I could finally break out the spring/summer clothes.  I filled my mini suitcase with some of my recent bargain buys during the Bloomingdale’s Friends and Family event (one of my favorite annual events!).

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To the max(i)

INC_maxi 2When the maxi dress trend came out, I wasn’t having any of it. How could a floor length anything look good on a short (5’1”) girl like me?  I just figured that maxi dresses should be left to the tall girls.  But last summer, I got brave, went down to the local Marshall’s and grabbed a few different styles to try on.  I selected ones that had some shape (a cinched waist, v-neckline) and were somewhat flowy.  To my surprise, the maxi dresses didn’t over power my frame nor did it make me look shorter, which is what I thought a maxi dress would do.  I finally picked one up for $19.99. At that price, I figured it was worth a try.

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The Basics


joes_botkier_dv 3

There have been too many mornings (and sometimes afternoons) where I have sat and stared into my closet and thought to myself, ‘I have nothing to wear.’ I know that some of you reading this know exactly what I am talking about! After a few long sighs, and without fail, I end up pulling out a pair of skinny jeans and a T. This is my go to uniform on the weekends and what you will most likely find me in while I am running around Boston checking off my to do list.

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