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All Eyes On You

Firmoo Optical

Dan and I have been undergoing a major house renovation. In preparation for our move to the new place, we are packing up our 725 sq foot condo. While I was India, Dan’s responsibility was to sell off our furniture. He found a buyer for my dresser, which meant he had the tall task of clearing it out. So that evening, when I got home from work, I checked in with Dan. The first few sentences all started with, ” you have a lot of _____”. I’m sure you can fill in the blanks. But the one that took him by surprise was,” how many pairs of sunglasses do you have?!” I mean really, how many is too many (and please don’t answer this question)?
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Greylin_Trust_Banana Republic_Tractr_ShoeDazzle_cover

Last week, I hosted an event at the LIT Boutique outlet in Back Bay. In between mingling and sipping champagne, I did a little perusing myself. Slowly but surely, my pile behind the register got higher and higher. It was time to edit. I tried on each piece and polled the crowd: to buy or not to buy? Thankful that I got a unanimous BUY on this hot pink blouse because you know I love me a good flowy top (which Dan totally hates). It wasn’t until I made the purchase did I realize that my wardrobe was seriously lacking this bright hue! I know, crazy, right?
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Behind Every Blogger….

Dan the Man

Is a great photographer! And lucky for me, mine is my hubby. Without him, my blog would be a lot less colorful. I know taking blog pics is not at the top of his list, but he does it, with a smile (most times). Happy wife, happy life, right? Giving Dad a shout-out too, for being my  stand-in photog when Dan’s not around. Aren’t dad’s just the bee’s knees?! I know many bloggers out there are in the same boat. So let’s give a shout-out to our boyfriends/husbands/dads/brothers/guy friends who put up with our blogging shenanigans. Thank you, guys, you are totes the bestest! #thankyou
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Bejewel Me Giveaway

I need your input! Here is a sneak peek of a dress I plan on wearing to a wedding reception in February. I have gone through my jewelry trying to choose a necklace to pair with this new dress. It was a fruitless effort since in the end, I decided that I need a new necklace. Ok, maybe I don’t need  a new necklace, but I’d sure like one! Here is where you come in. I want your recommendation on what necklace to wear and if I end up choosing it, I’ll purchase one for you and one for me!

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