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The Running (Wo)Man

city sports_athleta_asics_cover_2I’m that girl who buys workout gear because it was cute, placing no consideration on functionality. But that has definitely backfired on me. Take for example, that time I lost ONE glove because I placed it in the pocket of my jacket that had no zippers. What do you do with one glove?! Then there was that time I had to pin running food to my top, because once again, my jacket had no zippers, nor my pants for that matter. The worst lesson of all? Wearing ‘running’ capris that had no drawstrings. I kept hiking up my pants every few stride. Moral of these tales? Always look for zippers, pockets and drawstrings! The good news for us is that fashion and functionality can coexist in activewear. So we can work on our fitness while looking caaayyuuuutee!
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